Preview: The Big O

Preview: The Big O Texas took on Philly in the final in Richmond, taking the title. Photo © Jennifer M. Ramos

Teams from all over the world are flocking to Eugene, Oregon this weekend to take part in the third annual Big O tournament. Hosted by WFTDA #104 Emerald City, the three-day event has grown to attract high level play,and this year, four teams from the WFTDA top 20 are taking part.

WFTDA Championship: Gotham Does It Again, 199-173

WFTDA Championship: Gotham Does It Again, 199-173 Photo: Danforth Johnson.

MILWAUKEE, WI — After the intense and much closer than expected 174-125 semifinal between Bay Area and Gotham on Saturday night, many expected the Texas / Gotham championship matchup to be an anticlimax — when the teams met in June, Gotham had smoked Texas 313-66. This time, though, Texas was up to the challenge … almost. The Austin crew was within striking distance for the entirety of the bout, held a few short-lived leads and still had a fighting chance going into the last jam, but in the end Gotham was just too good, again. Gotham claimed their 4th WFTDA title and 3rd in a row, triumphing 199-173.

D1C Semifinal: Texas Boxes Denver, 298-129

D1C Semifinal: Texas Boxes Denver, 298-129 Photo: Danforth Johnson.

MILWAUKEE, WI — The history of recent Denver / Texas matches — a 227-189 Texas win at this year’s Golden Bowl III and a 210-199 Denver win in the 3rd place game of last year’s WFTDA Championships — suggested that Saturday night’s Championships semifinal would be another narrow nail biter. It was not to be, though; this time out, Denver dug themselves an enormous hole by committing a whopping 13 jammer penalties against just 4 for Texas. That greatly smoothed the path for Texas to build a 84-point halftime lead and eventually cruise to a stunningly large victory at 298-129.

D1C Quarterfinal: Texas Takes Atlanta, 227-134

D1C Quarterfinal: Texas Takes Atlanta, 227-134 Photo: Donalee Eiri, Photography by D.E.sign

MILWAUKEE, WI– Saturday’s first quarterfinal match at the WFTDA Championships saw a rematch of the 2012 Atlanta / Texas South Central final, a classic that saw Texas survive by 20 points on a dramatic last-jam resolution.The first half of this bout looked just as competitive — Texas’ 109-65 halftime lead was basically the result of a single early 37-0 power jam for Bloody Mary — but the Texecutioners pulled away in the second half as Atlanta’s offense seemed to struggle. Texas ultimately skated away with a 227-134 win and will progress to meet Denver in the final four on Saturday night