The Big O: What We Learned

The Big O provided bouts up and down the WFTDA and MRDA ladders. We’ll be addressing the MRDA results separately, so watch this space. But on to WFTDA…

Q2 Homestretch 2012: West Region

Q2 Homestretch 2012: West Region 5W Rat City's June 23 game with 6W Bay Area will be a key test -- Bay has already faced tough competition with Rocky Mountain and Denver this year, while Rat City hasn't played a single game yet. Photo: Axle Adams.

UPDATE 4:30 CT — Updated to reflect results of VRDL / Silicon Valley at Dust Devil.

#3 Rocky Mountain Wins Dust Devil 2012

#3 Rocky Mountain Wins Dust Devil 2012 RMRG jammer Fiona Grapple fights her way past a big block from Angel City's Krissy Krash during the championship game. Photo: Masonite Burn.

TUCSON, AZ — As expected, top seed Rocky Mountain won the 2012 Dust Devil invitational, handily defeating second seed Angel City 251-109 in the final, but there were some surprises in the early rounds of the ten-team tournament. A new-look Arizona team very nearly handed Rocky Mountain a gigantic upset in the semifinals and immediately put themselves right in the middle of the West playoff hunt with a 3rd place finish, while bottom seed Victorian Roller Derby League, hailing from Australia and playing their first-ever WFTDA sanctioned games, also made a very strong case for playoff inclusion by finishing 5th.

Preview: Dust Devil 2012

Preview: Dust Devil 2012 Angel City (in gold) took second place in last year's Dust Devil, losing to Carolina in the final. Photo: Masonite Burn.

TUCSON, AZ — April 13-15 marks the fifth Dust Devil Tournament – the latest edition of the one that started it all in 2006. Feburary 2006’s Dust Devil was the first ever national flat-track derby tournament, in which Texas defeated Tucson in the final to become the first team to lay a defensible claim to a national championship; in 2007, Dust Devil became the Western Regional playoffs, where Rat City defeated Tucson in the final before going on to lose to Kansas City in the championship game of the first WFTDA Nationals. Ever since, the Dust Devil has been a standalone invitational event outside of the WFTDA playoff structure.