Photos: Windy vs Minnesota v10

Photos: Windy vs Minnesota v10 MNRG's Second Hand Smoke. (c) Danforth Johnson

This was the bout that made it ten bouts against Minnesota without defeat for Windy City, and we’re all lucky Danforth Johnson was there to capture it.

Windy Repeats Minnesota, 129-123

Windy Repeats Minnesota, 129-123 Photo (c) Danforth Johnson

MADISON, WI–In the nine times that Windy and Minnesota have matched up, WCR has always won, except in 2012 when the game ended in an impossible tie. On Saturday morning they met up on neutral ground in Madison, at the Fast Forward Skate Center for a sweaty rematch. Each team held the lead for awhile, while shutting out the other, and tied it up four times. Going into the last jam, they took the track tied up at 120, and Windy’s strong defense carried on their streak over Minnesota, 129-123.

Weekend Preview: 14-15 June, 2014

There are a little over two weeks left this season and the WFTDA league table is taking shape.

D1C: Bay Area Blows By Windy City 230-135

D1C: Bay Area Blows By Windy City 230-135 Photo: Axle Adams

MILWAUKEE, WI – The last quarterfinal of the 2013 WFTDA Championships was a calculated, mechanical match up as WFTDA #2 Bay Area took on WFTDA #8 Windy City. While both teams demonstrated devastating defence, Bay Area’s held strong until the last whistle when they won 230-135.